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This product is cation monomer with high purity, polymerization, salt and high charge density. The DADMAC (DMDAAC) aqueous solution is  colorless transparent, no pungent liquid, slightly consistency. The DADMAC (DMDAC) is completely and extremely soluble in water. The formula is C8H16 NCl, with a molecular weight of 161.5. The molecular structure contains enyl double-bonds and can form linear homogeneous polymers and various copolymers through various polymerization reactions. DADMAC (DMDAAC) is very stable at room temperature, not hydrolysis, not flammable, small irritation to the skin and low toxicity. There are two product forms: one is an aqueous solution containing a certain concentration; one is a solid white powder. This product is a 60%, 65% aqueous solution, with two specifications.