Asiafloc series products have wide range of applications

like oilfield(Oil drilling,EOR,Fracturing,DRA);mineral processing(Coal,Gold,Copper,Leak,Steel....);water treatment(industrial and municipal waster water treatment and sludge dewatering);Papermaking(Paper Retention Aid,Dispersant Agent);construction(bored piling,Cement Antiblocking Agent)and other application areas with good performance as our experience ,Asiafloc Series models can replace of most models from BASF ,SNF,KEMIRA companies.

Super absorbent Polymer is a kind of polymer with particularly strong water absorbent capacity made from strong water absorption resin.And super water absorbent resin is a polymer compound, with the basic properties of general polymer compounds, it can be considered to be a high water absorbent function polymer, and form an elastic hydrogel after water absorption.

→ absorbing water dozens or even thousands of times that of its own resin, far more than previous materials

→ water protection capacity is very high, no matter after water absorption no matter how much pressure without dehydration

Since recent times, water absorbent has developed very rapidly. Due to its various types, scientists have summarized several aspects, and are now classified according to its varieties and development trends.

① is classified from raw materials. In Super Water Protection, the author is divided into six series according to the recent 10 years of development: starch, cellulose, synthetic polymer, protein, other natural substances and their derivatives, mixture and complex series.

② In terms of hydrohydrophilic, it can be divided into the following 4 categories: polymerization of hydrophilic monomer; hydroxymethylation of hydrophobic polymer; hydrophobic polymers grafting polymers of hydrophilic monomer; polymer hydrolysis reaction containing ester and amide group.

③ From the perspective of hydrophilic groups, it can be divided into five series: anionic, cation, sexual ionic, non-ionic, and a variety of groups.

In the synthetic super absorbent resin reaction, most are the polymerization reaction of alkene monomer, most are the chain polymerization reaction mechanism, including free radical polymerization, and coordination type polymerization are few.And super absorbent resin not only water absorption, because it forms the characteristics of particle structure in the soil, reduce the temperature difference between day and night, can absorb fertilizer, prevent its loss, and make fertilizer and water slowly release, enhance fertilization effect, and prevent soil and soil loss, greatly enhance the drought resistance effect.

1. SAP used for common plants and crops

15 to 30 kg per acre dosage, along with seeds hole application or ditch application to the soil around the seed, the seed germination rate can effectively improve and promote seedling growth. Gets success planting corn in the U.S, pature in arid area of inner Mongolia, potatoes grown in Cape Verde Africa, and potato yield increase more than 2 times.

2. SAP used for gardening, Horticulture and landscape

SAP is ideal for mixing soil matrix, for indoor and outdoor pots, planters, window boxes, balconies, terraces, roofs, hanging, gardens, city landscape. Planting shrub, flower, grass, vegetables are available. Using SAP can bring water-saving, labor saving, time-saving benefits and reduce the drought or wilting risk causing by long time no watering the plants, longer the green time and the blossom period.

3. SAP sued for seed coating

Seed coating use SAP should be fine particle size of 0.3 mm or less, after SAP coating the seed emergence quickly, strong and good disease resistance, this is the easy available way use SAP to plants in drought area, which also with small quantity, low cost and good performance.

4. SAP used for trees

SAP as important role like fertilizers, pesticides, it is because the development of planting saplings and fruit, a continuous supply of water is very important. Using 10-20g SAP can double the survival rate of young trees when planting tree seedlings (bare root)

5. SAP used for lawn and Golf course

Application in golf and lawn can save about 50%-70% water, Reduce the cost of maintenance, Save about 30%-50% fertilizer. Lawn grows faster, healthier, and the green last longer, less pollution caused by the loss of fertilizer.