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This product is a strong cationic polyelectrolyte, with a colorless to pale yellow sticky liquid. Safe, non-toxic, soluble in water, not flammable, strong cohesion, good hydrolysis stability, not a gel, not sensitive to pH value changes, and chlorine resistance. The solidification point is about-2.8 ℃ and about 1.04g/cm, decomposition temperature of 280-300 ℃. It is used as cation flocculation and coagulant, in sewage treatment, mining, as aldehyde-free solid in textile industry, as anion waste catcher, AKD ripening promoter, as clay stabilizer for drilling and acidified fracturing cation modifier in water injection. In addition, it is also used as a regulator, an antistatic agent, a humidifier, a shampoo, and a moisturizer for skin care.


Application of clay stabilizer in oil field


what is Polydadmac and what is the main applications?