Asiafloc series products have wide range of applications

like oilfield(Oil drilling,EOR,Fracturing,DRA);mineral processing(Coal,Gold,Copper,Leak,Steel....);water treatment(industrial and municipal waster water treatment and sludge dewatering);Papermaking(Paper Retention Aid,Dispersant Agent);construction(bored piling,Cement Antiblocking Agent)and other application areas with good performance as our experience ,Asiafloc Series models can replace of most models from BASF ,SNF,KEMIRA companies.

Polyacrylamide has a wide range of uses in the paper industry, it has different uses according to the different molecular weight , relative molecular weight in 1000 ~ 10000 PAM can be used as dispersant; Polyacrylamide with molecular weight of 500,000 ~ 1 million can be used as reinforcer. Polyacrylamide with relative molecular weight (2 million ~ 4 million) can be used as retention and filtration aid. The relative molecular weight of PAM >7 million is mostly used as flocculant in papermaking wastewater treatment or suspension agent of long fiber pulp paper.

 (1) Used as papermaking retention aid filter is usually modified products of polyacrylamide, including anionic polyacrylamide (APAM), cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM) and amphoteric polyacrylamide (AmPAM), the relative molecular weight is between 2 million ~ 4 million. Generally, APAM and other cationic compounds constitute a composite system and play a strong retention role, such as aluminum sulfate combination, can make APAM and fiber, fine fiber, packing, close combination, so as to greatly improve the retention rate of fine fiber and packing. CPAM is one of the most commonly used retention agents in papermaking. Generally, products with high polymer quality and low charge density are used. Its charge is opposite to that of the fiber. It can be used alone or in combination with bentonite and anion to cause the flocculation of the paper material by bridging mechanism, and it can improve the retention rate of the paper filler and reduce the concentration of white water under the net. When CPAM and negatively charged bentonite are used in the particle retention and filtration system, due to the large size of the flocs of the paper material formed by adding CPAM, the flocs are broken into small pieces under the action of high shear force after the grouting pump and other devices, and then the small pieces will be connected again by adding negatively charged bentonite. Moreover, smaller flocs are formed than the initial flocs formed by CPAM. Thus, the retention rate of paper material is improved, and the evenness and water filtration performance of paper are also improved. When AmPAM is used as a retention aid and filter aid, anionic groups repel the anionic waste in the pulp, while cationic groups combine with fibers and fine fibers. Thus, the retention rate of fine fiber was improvedWe recommend the models of ASIAFLOC C83012 and ASIAFLOC C82012.

 (2) Reinforcement agent .CPAM used as reinforcement agent, through cation and anion on the fiber to form ionic bond, can make it adsorb to the pulp fiber, and amide group and fiber hydroxyl combination to form hydrogen bond, enhance the binding force between fibers, from how to increase the strength of paper. [1] The addition sequence of APAM plus rosin and aluminum sulfate can also be used in paper pulp to obtain a better strengthening effect, but the strengthening effect of APAM will decrease with the increase of filler dosage. AmPAM is also commonly used in the paper industry as a paper dry strength agent, compared with cationic polyacrylamide reinforcer, its effect is better, can effectively improve the strength of paper. [2] Studies have shown that amphoteric polyacrylamide drying and strengthening agents have better strengthening effect on paper making from waste pulp.we recommend the models of ASIAFLOC A73019,ASIAFLOC A74030.

  (3)Dispersing agent, flocculant polyacrylamide type of dispersant in papermaking industry is relatively low molecular weight cationic polyacrylamide, due to its molecular chain containing carboxyl, negatively charged fiber dispersion effect, can increase the pulp viscosity, is advantageous to the fiber suspension, and can effectively improve the uniformity of sheet, is a kind of highly efficient dispersant of long fiber. And used as a flocculant for water treatment in the paper industry is amphoteric polyacrylamide, its amide group can form hydrogen bonds with many substances in wastewater affinity, so it can be dispersed in the water particles adsorbed together condensed into a group, so as to promote the settlement and filtration of particles. Compared with other inorganic flocculants, amphoteric polyacrylamide has the advantages of complete variety, less dosage in production, fast sedimentation, less production sludge and simple post-treatment, which can meet the use requirements of different wastewater treatment. The paper industry in the world is developing rapidly, the speed of paper machine is also increasing, and the technical development of paper chemicals is becoming more and more important. In recent years, the research of polyacrylamide mainly developed from single monolithic component to multi-component compound. With the deepening of research, some new varieties with better performance are gradually applied and produced. In short, polyacrylamide, as a kind of polymer that can be dissolved in water to form a solution, has many advantages, such as excellent performance, easy to use, and conducive to environmental protection, has played and will continue to play an important role in the paper industry.We strongly recommend our models of ASIAFLOC C83012 series.