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The molecular chain of amphoteric flocculant has two kinds of anionic and cationic groups,but amphoteric flocculant is by no mean a mixture of anionic andcationic flocculant, amphoteric polyacrylamide (ACPAM) is made of vinyl amide and

vinyl cationic monomer, AM monomer after hydrolysis copolymerization, it is a kind ofamphoteric ionic irregular polymer that the molecular chain showsboth positive and negative charge.

The molecular chain of the product not only has the negative charge of the carboxyl group after AM hydrolysis, but also has the positive charge of the vinyl group. It not only has the characteristics of general cationic flocculants, but also shows better performance. This kind of flocculant has a neutralizing effect on both positive and negative charges in the wastewater, and also has a good adsorption bridging effect, which can quickly destabilize it, and is suitable for a wide range of pH values. Therefore, when ACPAM is used for sludge dewatering, it can produce higher filtration water and lower moisture content of filter cake with better dewatering performance.