Asiafloc series products have wide range of applications

like oilfield(Oil drilling,EOR,Fracturing,DRA);mineral processing(Coal,Gold,Copper,Leak,Steel....);water treatment(industrial and municipal waster water treatment and sludge dewatering);Papermaking(Paper Retention Aid,Dispersant Agent);construction(bored piling,Cement Antiblocking Agent)and other application areas with good performance as our experience ,Asiafloc Series models can replace of most models from BASF ,SNF,KEMIRA companies.

The application of polyacrylamide in incense making has been described in a lot of data, in the actual industrial application has also verified the data in the statement, because of the variety of polyacrylamide products, so that many customers confused in the incense making process of anionic or cationic polyacrylamide.


The raw materials of the production of incense are white glue, wood powder, hemp powder bamboo stick, bamboo stick, potassium nitrate, incense, bronzing incense bright powder, gold powder, pearl powder, five color chips, incense label, cellophane, shrinkage film, rose essence, yellow. Then you will ask where is the shadow of polyacrylamide ? in fact, the main element of white glue and glue powder is anionic polyacrylamide! The use of anionic polyacrylamide in making incense is the use of its viscosity! First is the mixing, the various ingredients and water in a certain proportion into the blender. The structure of the general mixer is very simple. There are blades and wings in the mixing cylinder. the raw materials are stirred evenly by rotating the blades and wings, . It's just that the blades of the blender have a special shape. The mix is crucial in the whole process. The impurities need to be filtered before feeding, the proportion should be appropriate, the water should be appropriate, and the mixing should be uniform.

The mixing material is squeezed out of the hole of the mold under pressure, which is the main process of incense. After the molding of the incense strip to remove moisture, dry and finalize the design before packaging and sale.

Because the anionic polyacrylamide has good viscosity thickening effect, so it is very good adhesive as well as with the low cost in the process of making incense, so the main products in incense making is anionic polyacrylamide.

The Incense powder has high viscosity and good soluability. Using pure natural materials as the main raw materials, through advanced equipment and unique production process, it is a high quality natural environmental protection high-tech product. The rubber powder is the most ideal product to replace the elm skin, suitable for high-grade incense,  incense box, bamboo stick incense and other high, medium and low grade incense.


1.The use result of incense powder:

  Fragrant billet (fragrant products)made by this product has appearance smooth, no fracture, mildew, strong folding resistance, good color, fade after drying, burning time, good combustible, iron plate is not "broken" flameout, conducive to the improvement of the effective component of mosquito coil swing rate and can reduce the loss of the finished product in the drying process, at the same time, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve work efficiency.In addition, the product has no pollution to the environment, which can meet the requirements of green environmental protection.

 2. Economic benefits of incense powder:

  It can reduce raw material costs 5-12%, saving energy consumption 20-30% (depending on the situation of different factories). Dosage ratio: 1:30 to 1:50.

3.The characteristics of incense powder:

1) With good solubility, high viscosity, strong toughness, flammable without (less) smoke, colloid itself can be burned, burning without odor, non-toxic and other characteristics;

2) Stable product performance, avoiding uneven bonding quality due to the difference of origin and time for  rubber powder and common starch, and avoiding the unstable product quality by adjusting the formula in the production processing.

3) The colloid film is good. After drying, the fragrant meat can not be soaked in water to avoid the rotten fragrant head. The appearance of incense products is smooth  well formed and not easy to be broken; Especially its cold water gelatinization, there is no need to cook paste, the material is directly mixed evenly, it can produce directly after putting water in it, and the material mixed water for a long time can still  be used, it can effectively save energy and convenient production operation.

4) Good thermal stability,in a large temperature range (-18-130℃) does not affect winter production and high temperature drying.

5)Acid and base stability. its viscosity is basically not affected by acid and base,  it can maintain the original characteristics in the range of PH value 1~12.

6) Unique rheological properties.under the shear action, the viscosity of the solution will quickly drop, once the shear action is lifted, the viscosity of the solution will immediately restore so fragrance smooth, small pressure.

7)High viscosity. compared with many other sugar solutions, even the low concentration will produce high viscosity, 1% aqueous solution viscosity is equivalent to 100 times of gelatin, thus it can be used as a good thickening and stabilizing agent.

8)Colloid can be repeatedly used 2-5 times,crushed incenses still have a certain viscosity after grinding.

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