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SAP is a polymer absorbent resin and a new polymer material, it can absorb its own weight several hundred times to a thousand times of water, non-toxic, harmless, no pollution; strong water absorption capacity, high water retention capacity,


through acrylic polymer → high water retention, balance of absorption under high load, the absorbed water can not be squeezed out by simple physical methods, and can repeatedly release water, water absorption.


The suction factor will expand after absorbing water and touch the Q bomb.This is because it expands after absorbing several hundred to a thousand times its weight.However, its water absorption points cannot be squeezed out by simple physical methods!


1, High absorbent ability: it can absorbs hundreds or thousands of times its own weight of ionless water .(Large absorption, even a thin piece is 7 times higher than the ordinary thick plush pulp sanitary towel)

2, High Water absorption Rate: Each gram of the resin absorbs hundreds of grams of ionless water within 30 seconds.(Instant absorption does not fear of surges)

3, High water retention: the gel after water absorption is not easily squeezed out under external pressure.

4, High expansibility: The volume of the high absorbent resin gel then expands by hundreds of times.

5, Amminosorption: Low cross-linked polyacrylate-type highly absorbent resin. Its molecular structure contains carboxyl anion, which can be absorbed in ammonia and has an obvious deodorant effect.