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Application of polyacrylamide (Magnafloc 611) in water treatment and beneficiation

Application of PAM in water treatment industry mainly includes three aspects: raw water treatment, sewage treatment and industrial water treatment. In raw water treatment, PAM and activated carbon used together, can be used for coagulation and clarification of suspended particles in living water; In sewage treatment. PAM can be used for sludge dewatering; In industrial water treatment, mainly used as a formula. Using organic flocculant PAM instead of inorganic flocculant in raw water treatment, water purification capacity can be increased by more than 20% even without reforming sedimentation tank. So at present, many large and medium-sized cities in the water supply shortage or poor water quality, are using PAM as a supplement. In wastewater treatment, PAM can increase the utilization rate of water reuse cycle.