Characteristics: This product is suitable for all kinds of high and high turbidity source water treatment, especially for the purification of high turbidity water has a particularly obvious effect, its alum flower formation fast, large, easy settlement, suitable for a wide range of source water PH, small corrosion, low labor intensity of workers. Polyaluminum chloride dilution using method: in order to achieve the best flocculant effect and economic benefits, users can determine the best dosage per thousand tons of water through experiments according to different source water turbidity, different seasons and different reaction conditions. 1. Dissolve the solid product into liquid by adding 1:3 water, and then dilute it with 10-30 times water to the required concentration before use. 2, dosage can be determined according to the different turbidity of raw water, the best dosage, generally raw water turbidity in 100-500mg/L, each thousand tons of dosage is 10-20kg.